Alessandro Lanzuisi

Alessandro LanzuisiAlessandro Lanzuisi is born on 2nd of June, 1970. He worked for some book and comic books publishers like editor and translator. He begun to work in board games industry since 2002. From that year, he worked in board games shops, like promoter to spread the knowledge and enlightenment of board games, and for some of the most important industry publishers like developer and editor in chief. One of his developed game, Siena, won the award of Game of the Year in Italy. In 2005 he was the co-founder of What’s Your Game publishing house, and from 2014 the founder and owner of Ergo Ludo Editions. The Ergo Ludo Editions’ first game – The Golden Ages – obtains an excellent success between players and reviewers, and it was finalist for the Dutch Game of the Year. In 2016 Ergo Ludo publishes Zagor, the boardgame based on one of the most popular italian comic character used under license of Sergio Bonelli Editore, one of the most world famous comics publisher. Like editor in chief of Ergo Ludo, Lanzuisi sells the rights of the Ergo Ludo’s games in USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Brazil, France and The Netherlands.