CERTH/HIT has a long experience (from 2000) in participation and coordination of EU co-financed projects (FP7, Interreg, IEE, bilateral R&D cooperation programs, HORIZON 2020) covering all modes of transport and all types of mobility services. Sustainable Mobility Planning, Traffic and Demand Management, traffic modelling and forecast, ICTHIT LOGO exploitation, Traffic Data analytics – collection, fusion and exploitation, cooperative systems, Safety and Security, Integrated approach on Climate change challenges and transport, Intermodal passenger transport, smart logistics and multimodal freight services, electromobility and Sustainable Plans development are some of the most important areas where CERTH/HIT invests.

CERTH/HIT has invested, and continues to do so, in three core competencies:

  solutions’ balance, i.e. building synergies by integrating innovative processes, tools and technologies and further augmenting and sustaining their impact through appropriate policy proposals;

  multi-faceted team experience, i.e. building project-based teams that combine research, consulting, project management and industry hands-on experience, to ensure the applicability of research and innovation results in a real-life environment;

  collaborative approach towards our region, i.e. engaging regional actors for scanning weak signals of emerging needs and for validating solutions applicability, contributing in developing the region as an intelligent testbed, and keeping ‘value creation & capture’ as yardstick for addressing the needs of all regional actors.