Intellectual Outputs

On this page, you can find our project’s Intellectual Outputs and you can download every file. So far 3 Intellectual Outputs have been published and the rest will be released later.


Intellectual Output 1

Organization name of lead partner for this deliverable: SCR.

This document describes the main definitions of societal metabolism and the formal theoretical models, their advantages and disadvantages and how the theoretical notions of flows of energy and material can be translated to elements of everyday life. It contains links to videos, pictures and interactive exercises that clarify the definitions and elements with the purpose of helping students understand the complexities of modern urban systems.

Please download the Output 1 here. 

Intellectual Output 2

Organization name of lead partner for this deliverable: CERTH.

This document describes the definitions of sustainable mobility/transportation, the theoretical models that describe its behaviour and discuss on the state of the art from a theoretical point of view on the research conducted on the issue. It contains videos, pictures and links to describe best and worst practices in the field of sustainable mobility from around the world and how the theoretical models can lead to those behaviours.

Please download the Output 2 here. 

Intellectual Output 3

Organization name of lead partner for this deliverable: University of Macedonia.

This document provides the formal mathematics and foundations of decision making especially in the context of sustainability. The expected impact of this output is to help students understand how the theoretical mathematics of decision making are translated into actual decisions.

Please download the Output 3 here. 

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