Natalia Ciobanu


Natalia is a Youth worker, Trainer and Environmental specialist. She is a PhD candidate in Environmental Sciences at Bogazici University Istanbul, Turkey, focusing on System Dynamics-based interactive learning and decision-making tools and simulative environments for environmental education. She also holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Sciences from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Natalia has doing environmental education for youth since 2006, and starting with 2009 she complemented her career with Project Management activities, and non-formal education know-how. Since then, she has been working as an adviser to Vice-President on environmental issues, and Project Team Coordinator for Black Sea – Caspian Sea International Fund (2009–2011), a trainer on Environmental Management for various Romanian and other European NGOs, schools, and Private companies (2011-present), a Romanian Youth Delegate to the European Environment and Health Task Force (November 2010 – October 2013), a researcher on Environment and Health issues for WHO Europe (2011 – 2012) and also a National Coordinator for National Environment and Health Platform (October 2014 – June 2017).