Playing the Game

Ergo Ludo & SYDIC @ the Link Campus University

Ergo Ludo and Sydic in an extraordinary partnership with Link University of Rome promoted a play test day with Sustain, The Game.

The opportunity for the debate about the issue of sustainability in various sectors and government departments, resulted at the end of the day in a new awareness of individual and collective responsibilities.

Playing the Game with Society for Responsible Consumption

The Sustain Boardgame: Construiește-ți azi orașul de mâine event was part of the action to promote an innovative University course among the academic environment and the local community-created within SUSTAIN Project. About the experience of the game developed by SUSTAIN Project with Marius Catalin Moga, architect and coordinator Someș Delivery:

” There is a lot to learn from this game, but also from the context it creates to discuss sustainable development. After the first game you understand at least the complexity of urban development and the ratio of reputation/recognition and clean and healthy natural environment of the city. How can you have both?

Well this game puts you to the test and negotate projection and most importantly to take sustainability as a balance factor in proper urban development. It’s not just young people who have to play it. We should all play it – mature people, professional, urban actors, civil servants… all “

Photo credit: Pan Ioan Photography