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SUSTAIN website

On the website of our project, a visitor can find all the available material so far, including the project’s information, materials, intellectual outputs, the external experts’ review board, the manifestation of interest, all the partners, every meeting, every publication, and many photographs. In Figure 1, we can see the website’s visitors until the end of 2019. We are always trying to gain more visibility by posting our news and we always connect every post of our website with our profiles in social media.

Figure 1

SUSTAIN Facebook Page

As we can see, the Page Likes on Facebook started to rise up after the end of March, as it was the time when we started to promote our page at a high level. It is important to mention that all of our likes results are organic and none of them are paid. At this moment, the number of likes is at a stable level, but we are expecting that it will grow fast with the promotion of the Page at the students during the lessons. This is an ongoing process, where we try to keep the page active by linking publications to the official website of our project. Our goal is to have a stable and interesting relationship with the people who have chosen to follow our Facebook Page, and to regularly lead them to visit our project website.

In the following figures and tables, we can see everything in detail. In the first figure, we can see the number of likes from March until today. In the second figure, we can see the number of people who had any content from our Page or even they just saw and visit it. In the third figure, there is a distinction between gender and age. That looks quite interesting, as men are more than women, and the many people in our Page are from 35 to 54 years old. In the fourth figure, there is a table with a demarcation of the countries that the likes come from. In the last figure, we can observe much important information, as there are all the last posts of our Page, with the number of people that each of them has attracted, the reactions and the clicks on them.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

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Figure 6

Figure 7

SUSTAIN LinkedIn page

Here you can see our page on LinkedIn, having followers and posts.

Figure 8

SUSTAIN Twitter page

Here you can see our page on Twitter, having followers and posts.

Figure 9

Figure 10

SUSTAIN Instagram page

Here you can see our page on Instagram, having followers and posts.

Figure 11