SUSTAIN at Annual Conference of the OR Society 2019

The SUSTAIN Project was presented at the Annual Conference of the OR Society 2019. The audience appreciated our work and our project with high interest and many questions.

They were quite curious about both the idea of “metabolism” used in the project, and the outputs that we will get, as System Dynamics model and the board game was presented. There were some questions, which were technical and focused on the model, such as some more details on specific sectors of the model, some comments about the simplifications, exclusions and boundaries for the model, the calibration of the data, as well as some comments on how to comment the results that we will get from the simulations in class and with the model.

The main suggestion is to focus on how knowledge will play a role during the simulations: here they suggested that we could analyze it in terms of knowledge sharing and group dynamics, or in terms of the use of tacit knowledge to inform decision-making. One idea is to focus on the players’ behavior.

Additionally, they were very interested in the idea of turning the simulator into an online simulator, therefore opening the possibility to have players different from the students playing the game.

We believe that it was a good chance not only to present the model, and the project, but also to think a little bit about our next steps.

Thank you very much for the whole experience!