The Italian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society (named as “Chapter” in the following) has been founded with the idea of being an Italian branch of the international System Dynamic Society (named as “Society”, in the following), with the goal of supporting all the activities carried out by the Society for the dissemination and promotion of the system thinking approach and the system dynamics methodology at a national level.

The objectives of the Chapter are divided in 3 main goals:

  to promote the development and increased utilization of the System Dynamics (SD) methodology in Italy;

  to stimulate the interchange of learning and research in related fields;

  to promote and develop educational programs related to the SD methodology.

Specific purposes are the following:

  to report at the national level the state of the art of the System Dynamics methodology dissemination and uptake (i.e.: “who” is doing “what”), thus favouring the diffusion of best practices among national SD users;

  to establish formal and operative links with other European SD communities or International chapters (e.g., through common research projects or collaboration oriented to develop applied / research models, to organize capacity building activities, or to diffuse the SD methodology);

  to encourage and facilitate research works among people belonging to different universities/companies;

  to create events and opportunities (seminars, meetings, work groups) to exchange knowledge and experiences in SD between SYDIC members and the external world;

  to promote the interdisciplinary collaboration among users of the SD approach in different research areas or applied fields in order to establish new operative networks.

The Chapter represents the international System Dynamics Society in Italy. Therefore its first purpose is to be officially recognized as the Society’s “Italian Chapter” by the Society so to maintain this status and to behave as the intermediate reference among the Italian people and research groups adopting the SD methodology and other similar institutions at national and international level.