SRC is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in 2011 by a group of graduates of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering holding degrees in Environmental Management and Environmental Engineering. SRC’s main aim is to educate non-technical public on critical sustainability issues.

SRC’s seeks to raise interest and awareness among wider public about matters related to environmental protection, protection of public health, sound environmental and economic practices, alternative economic models, community development, active citizenship on matters related to environment, sustainable consumption in an environmentally friendly and socially equitable manner – all this concisely defined as Responsible Consumption.

SRC primarily works on educational projects for young people and youth workers, seminars and workshops for local communities both in Romania and in other European countries. A secondary set of activities is related to research and facilitating the understanding of current environmental and social challenges by the wider public. In this regard, SRC issues articles and contributes to translating scientific information into more accessible language included in non-technical publications targeted at non-professional public.

The organization is further exploring ways to outreach to wider public, particularly the young one, and educate them through user-friendly, attractive and effective online and offline tools.

The organization holds a number of awards, such as the Public Award in EU REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest and Best 2017 Volunteering Project in the field of environmental protection and animal welfare.

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